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Perlite HellasPerlite Hellas is a leading perlite producing company in Greece. It was founded in 1992 by Athanasios Saridis in the center of Greece near the costal town of Volos.
Having an experience of over two decades of producing expanded and raw perlite, our company’s name has become a synonym to high quality, consistency and flexibility. Our constant effort in improving our quality has driven us to invest in the improvement of our facilities and thus evolving our products to meet the increasing demand of our customers.
Our automated vertical line of production includes crushing, drying and expanding of perlite, which gives us the advantage to fully control our quality in unexpanded and expanded perlite. Perlite Hellas with its deep knowledge on perlite has been developing constantly new products targeting the end usage as well as the business usage.


• To provide a product that meets the quality expectations of our customer and creating a long term win-win cooperation.
• To further evolve the diversified market of perlite using its unique characteristics.
• To constantly extend our knowledge, experience and infrastructure in order to minimize our costs and thus assisting our customers to gain competitive advantages.


• 1992. Athanasions Saridis after 25 years of interaction with raw perlite decides to dedicate himself in expanded perlite creating Perlite Hellas in Volos.
• 1994. Perlite Hellas is involved in the Bright Euram project, creating the plaster grade perlite (A2) that is used in gypsum plasters.
• 1998. Perlite Hellas starts the vertical integration of its production investing in Pre-crushing and Drying facilities, thus having the advantage of receiving Run of Mine product. This provides the required flexibility to produce various granulometries in Raw and expanded perlite.
• 2003. Perlite Hellas further develops the quality of its products by certificating its procedures with the ISO mark and also establishes a laboratory for the quality control.Perlite Hellas
• 2005. Further investments in facilities creating the Perlobeton S section that produces a palletized perlite-based product for construction purposes.
• 2006. Perlite Hellas invests in a second line of production of expanded perlite in order to meet the increasing demand.
• 2010. Perlite Hellas invests in the quality control of the production by installing infrastructures that control the exact weight of the product.


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