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Perlite is widely used in the agricultural industry as a soil improver. The characteristics of agricultural perlite that grant the benefits are:

• Water absorption. Perlite can absorb 2-3times its weight in water. As a result it reduces the cost of watering and energy spend for watering. Considering also the world efforts in preserving water makes the use of perlite in horticulture an ideal solution.
• Aeration. When perlite contains the maximum capacity of water it has an aeration ration of 56%. Thus creating the necessary conditions for plants to grow.
• Neutral PH. Perlite has a neutral ph (6.5-7.5) and is chemically stable.
• Insulation. Perlite provides insulation to the plant’s roots making them less affected by climate changes.
• Life span. Perlite does not disintegrate through time nor it changes characteristics.


Coarse Agricultural Expanded



Geoflor is the traditional coarse perlite for all agricultural uses. It provides the appropriate aeration, water absorption and is chemically stable clear of any pest seeds and diseases. Coarse Agricultural Expanded Perlite has been used for the following uses:

• Soil improvements. Where the soils are clay based to provide better aeration, or when the soil is sandy to provide better water absorption.
• Hydroponic cultivation for vegetables, ornamentals and some types of flowers (roses).
• Production of nursery stock.
• Growing media for pot plants
• As a bases for golf courses.
• Green roofs. Perlite due to its low LBD (loose bulk density) is ideal for the new urban green development of green roofs.

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Geoflor P-6 is an evolution of the ordinary Coarse Agricultural Expanded Perlite. The product is designed for hydroponical cultivation where the granulometry must be coarse without the existence of small granes. It has been widely used for hydroponic cultivation of anthurium. This custom made product provides even better aeration to the roots with smaller water absorption.

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GEOFLOR HYDRO is a medium/coarse expanded perlite for hydroponic cultivation. It is bagged in either 100lt plastic bags or in 33lt slabs ready for use. Geoflor Hydro is one of the basic materials for substrates for hydroponic cultivation, not only for the steadiness of the granulometry but also for the life span of the products. Another competitive advantage of perlite is that it doesn’t need any special treatment after the completion of its life cycle. It can be easily mixed with peat moss and spread into a field. No need for special recycling.

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